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Normally, it takes about a week to get a design done. And another 2-4 weeks for production depending on each design.

Only difference is in gold percentage. 58.5% gold represents in stamp mark as 14K whereas 750 (or 75%) is a stamp mark for 18K jewelry.

The more percentage of gold it contains, the softer the jewelry becomes. However, 18K and 14K are both widely used in jewelry as they are strong enough to hold gems and yet soft enough for jeweler to craft their work on.

It should also be noted that both can be made in many colors - such as white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold - by plating or by formula.

Let us know the wording & choose font style that you love. This service is free of charge.

☰ Brand Certification: Issued by Y.Jewelry Thailand for every item

☰ Jewelry Report from 3rd party Laboratory (optional): There are 2 labs in Bangkok that can provide this certificate: IGI and GIT.

Should you need this service, please contact us. This service will have an additional charge starting from 30usd, depending on each item. And it will take around 2 weeks time.