About Y.

We love and we create jewelry.
Our jewelry are a combination of design, quality, and love at what we do.

In design aspect, the attention is paid to simplicity luxury - the kind of luxury that is perfect for everyday use.
A timeless piece, that is a sustainable way for jewelry.

Every piece of Y. Jewelry Thailand is handmade by local artisans in Bangkok, Thailand.
Every one of them is highly experienced.
With the touch of their magic hands, our jewelry is precisely beautiful and also very high in quality.

Another main field of our expertise is diamond & gems selection. It is done by GIA trained in-house staff members. We choose the best materials from the best quality source of the world for every piece of our jewelry. And to make it more transparent about how we work on our materials, we have shared our standard and expertise with you in our blogs. All diamonds used in Y. Jewelry Thailand are conflict free, adhering to the Kimberly Process.

It is our pleasure to be able to forward our love - in the form of jewelry something that we do best - to all of you.

Welcome to Y. Jewlery Thailand.
We hope you enjoy and love what we do.